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Cambridge HealthTech Institute's 8th Annual Point of Care Diagnostics Conference

Exploring the Role of Rapid Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine March 11-13

The point-of-care diagnostic market is expected to reach over $38 billion by 2022, and for good reason – POC diagnostics are quicker and more efficient, can eliminate follow up visits, can reach communities without access to major medical facilities, and save money in the healthcare system. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 8th Annual Point-of-Care Diagnostics program will examine new developments and future goals of major diagnostic companies, as well as the integration of current POC diagnostics in hospital systems, pharmacies, and resource-constrained settings. Special attention will be paid to emerging technologies in the field, from sensors to wearables and more. We will also discuss the regulatory and reimbursement landscape in point-of-care diagnostics. Test developments and end users alike will discuss implementation challenges, adoption strategies, and new and emerging tools that continue to shape the future of the field.

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