Award Information - CAPCaT

Award Information

CAPCAT Award Amount, Duration, and Requirements

CAPCaT awards are, in general, up to $100,000 direct costs over a twelve-month period. Additional indirect costs are provided at the performance sites’ federally-negotiated rates. Only single period applications are accepted. Additionally, CAPCaT requires awardees to participate in the I-Corps program sponsored by the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science, submit biweekly updates to CAPCaT leadership, and leverage the POCTRN Guidance and Impact Tracking System (GAITS) for project management.

Additional CAPCaT Resources Provided to Applicants

CAPCaT will make new resources available to awardees and other interested point of care technology researchers, including NIH resources, such as the I-Corps program and the CAPCaT independent Data Safety Monitoring Board. Additional resources include access to POCTRN and the rich technology and business development resources of our Massachusetts Medical Device Development (M2D2) Center, clinical translation and validation expertise, a technology development core, and statistical expertise through the UMass Quantitative Methods Core.

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