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CASMS: Collaborating to Address Shortages of Medical Supplies

As medical supply shortages dominate the daily news cycle, well-meaning individuals, companies, universities, and others have begun designing and making supplies from readily available materials, and looking for ways to recondition used supplies.

Some of their efforts will help alleviate the critical supply shortage. But others won’t, because they’re ineffective — or dangerous. Most of the end users of these supplies — doctors, nurses, EMTs, and volunteers — have no way of knowing how certain nontraditional medical supplies (NMSs) perform, so they have to make the difficult and frustrating decision not to use them.

The CASMS site addresses this conundrum, by serving as a repository of well-vetted Minimum Viable Specifications (MVSs) for innovators to use to guide their efforts. It also helps end users — or individuals and organizations they trust — to find and test supplies from nontraditional sources that are made based on these MVSs.

The site provides access to MVSs for designs and ways to conduct testing to help put supplies made by nontraditional sources to use where they’re clinically appropriate.

If you’re interested in contributing to this effort you can submit a design or testing protocol or test a solution, list yourself as a Tester or Supplier.