Stimulate, Support, Manage, and Measure Innovation

CoLab is a secure, cloud-based, collaboration platform that enables institutions and networks to more effectively stimulate, support, manage, and measure healthcare innovation. It provides a scalable, virtual infrastructure to support the unique needs and processes that multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional teams require to be successful.


CoLab helps connect the needs of healthcare providers, medical foundations, and other organizations with the vast experience and insights of patients and innovators within and beyond their physical borders. Our online platform allows your team to discover needs, generate and develop ideas, facilitate discussion, and disseminate proven innovations collaboratively, in real time, from anywhere in the world.


CoLab uses a structured workflow in a secure online environment to engage team members at every part of the healthcare lifecycle. From managers, reviewers, and coaches to potential customers and others, information stays secure and is available to those who need it at the right time. The platform is designed to be configurable by the organization so workflows can be easily managed and adapted for every unique situation without the need for costly IT infrastructure or support.


CoLab’s virtual toolset makes it easy for your team to create communities or work groups to source, share, and discuss ideas, securely collaborate on and track projects, proposals, and solicitations, plan and convene events, view and publish content and more. The platform is both scalable and flexible in order to adapt to meet your organizations growing needs.


CoLab allows organizations to gather valuable analytics to help measure the success of healthcare innovation projects. The platform includes many ways to track site data including polling, rating and voting systems, integration with web analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Piwik, and other on site data tracking mechanisms.

Leveraging the Best-In-Class

CoLab leverages technology and implementation experience from its growing portfolio of service providers to bring the expertise needed from a range of industries to healthcare. Best-in-class web technologies from Liferay, AWS, and FluidReview have been combined to create an integrated platform solution that can stand alone or work in combination with an organization’s existing collaboration, knowledge, and innovation management tools.