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What is GAITS?

This section will review what GAITS is, its capabilities, history, and origin from the Healthcare Innovation Cycle.

1a. Healthcare Innovation Cycle

The Healthcare Innovation Cycle is based on CIMIT's experience supporting more than 600 projects over its 20-year history. Read MoreAbout1a. Healthcare Innovation Cycle »

1b. GAITS Overview

GAITS is an online platform that enables teams and portfolio managers to put the experiences of others in navigating the journey of healthcare innovation into action. Read MoreAbout1b. GAITS Overview »

1c. GAITS Capabilities

Teams and portfolio managers¬†input data into 10 Milestones along 4 Domain pathways of the Healthcare Innovation Cycle.¬†That data powers the capabilities of GAITS. Read MoreAbout1c. GAITS Capabilities »